Affordable and Competitive Rates of Sonoma County RV Parks & Campgrounds

Being on the road brings joy to many that acquiring an RV becomes a major decision to improve their traveling experiences. It makes the journey more appealing and lessens the burden of worrying about bringing things that might be too heavy for your constant trips. Due to the interest of people and the frequency of activities involving RVs, there has been a development in caravan parks or RV parks to make the lives of RV owners more convenient and enjoyable.

A Recreational Vehicle Park is a venue conducive for RV related activities mainly for recreation. You can stay for the night or for several days on certain spaces known to RV enthusiasts as sites. If you prefer to leave the confines of your recreational vehicle, there are camping areas or cabins made available for your enjoyment.

Certain amenities made available on the sites are usually a power source and various connections for water, sewer, phone, television and even internet. Other additional facilities may include barbecue areas, picnic tables and recreation halls. But these days, for RV owners who want more than the usual experience, some parks have swimming pools, bars or restaurants and even bath houses. But whether a park has modern amenities or not, your RV is still the main reason behind trips that you relish in especially in Sonoma County RV park areas.

Travelling in a recreational vehicle, or what is known as a motorhome, allows you the liberty to travel anywhere with all your things inside the vehicle. It allows you the freedom to roam and yet have your home accessible to you anytime. Wherever you want to go home, your home is always with you, which doesn’t get you tied down in one singular place for a long time. However, when you have an RV, there are some inconveniences. Where to park them is one, and this is the reason why RV parks are available in order to minimize these inconveniences. And when choosing one, you will soon see that there are various options that can be considered.

Always find out more about the rates of the RV parks you pick in Sonoma County. While some may seem like the perfect choice, they can come at prices that may be well beyond what you can afford. What your budget is should play a critical role in your choice or RV parks. Don’t let looks be your top factor in choosing. While it may be a perfect location, the price may make it far less than perfect.

The price per day should be one, as well as the available amenities that will make it more convenient and comfortable for you. River Bend Resort is your ideal RV parking spot in Sonoma County. We offer you a place that is secure as well as equipped with the important necessities that are available at competent rates.

Overnight Rates for the 2018 Season

Overnight Camping
Overnight Tent Camping: $32 per night (2 people, one vehicle)
Day Use: $5 per person over 4 years of age, must be out by 8PM
Extra People: $5/nt/person over 4 years of age plus 9% occupancy tax
Extra Cars: $5 per extra car

R.V. Rates
$45 or ($40.50 with Good Sam) per night
$55 or ($49.50 with Good Sam) for River Front (This includes one vehicle and two people)

WE CHARGE $5/night for dogs & $5/night for additional vehicles 9% Sonoma County occupancy tax applies to all stays less than 30 days.
We give discounts for group bookings - call for more details!

Monthly Rates for the 2018 Season

$575/month + metered electricity
$700/month + metered electricity for river front sites
$100 minimum deposit upon move-in

Includes cable television, wifi (1hr/day free), garbage, sewer and water. Telephone and Broadband hook-ups available on site.

Our cancellation policy is 36-hours prior to arrival. Cancellations after 36 hours or no-shows will be charged the first night quoted rate. We cannot guarantee a site without a major credit card.

These are things to consider when choosing an RV parking space in Sonoma County. When you are in need of one, it would be wise to know the basics to help you find the right RV park to suit your needs. There are some parks that offer the basic amenities such as sewer hookup, electrical and water, and there are those that don’t. So, better not expect anything but make sure to find out for yourself first if they offer what you need.

Convenience is a key to choosing the right kind of RV park in Sonoma County. If you are familiar to the area, it would be best to choose an area that you are comfortable in. Park closer to the areas you are most likely to go to frequently. You should be well aware of the safety level of such parks. The key is to find a central base convenient to most of your possibly daily activities, yet also find a place that you can feel secure.

Once you have finally settled with River Bend RV and Camping, then you can now enjoy the benefits of RV living. Even for the weekend or holidays only, you can make sure that you can take pleasure in the outdoor environment of River Bend Resort. Many of our visitors go hiking or biking in the natural environment. For those who like water, they can also take a dip in the Russian River or go canoeing. Among the resort activities that can be done, you really can enjoy all that whether you’re a happy camper or an RV enthusiast.

When it comes to RV camping though, there are those who prefer this type of camping than the traditional way of doing things because it is more comfortable due to the amenities that are available in the recreational vehicle. River Bend RV and Camping, being one of the RV parks in Sonoma County, CA, can provide the RV living enthusiasts with the much needed practical necessities to make their RV experience in river Bend Resort the best that they can have.

If you are just starting out as someone who wants to do RV living, there are certain things to consider. Yes, RV living is a fun and simple lifestyle that you need to invest in the right things like your RV model and the fundamental requirements that you will be using in the long run. An RV is a combination of your transportation and housing, you can practically do the things that you can do at home in your RV that is why it is essential that you choose the right mobile home unit as you will have this for a very long time.

You can definitely let your family and friends have a great time with you in your RV. Aside from hosting cook-outs or picnics and outdoor parties, you can do many things in your surroundings. Fortunately, River Bend RV and Camping is the perfect location for all your outdoor or mountain experiences. Since we are in the heart of the Russian River Valley, there is definitely a lot to do when you visit Sonoma County, California.

River Bend Resort, your camping and RV park in Sonoma County that offers affordable rates. Enjoying the great outdoors can never be better if you experience camping with us today!