Gallery of Memories from Our Campgrounds in Sonoma County, CA

Spending time outdoors is an enjoyable experience like no other especially for nature lovers and enthusiasts of the great open spaces. There are just so many things to do while taking pleasure in the wonderful greenery that surrounds you. Camping is one popular activity that families and individuals alike find pleasing, there are also those who utilize their Recreational Vehicle (RV) to benefit from what the environment gives but at the same time having the comfort that the RV provides; having the best of both worlds can truly be of great advantage to their enjoyment.

River Bend RV and Camping makes available what happy campers are looking for in campground or RV sites. With the practical and functionally pleasing facilities of the resort, outdoor fans like you can pack your bags and camping gear, gather the family and head off to your great escape in the heart of the Russian River Valley. Rev your RVs and drive your way into our convenient sites equipped with the necessary requirements that you will appreciate.

The lure of the great outdoors is just something that anyone cannot resist. An experience outside with family, friends or your special someone can sure change you in one way or another. Even if you are not a fan of camping trips or days spent in the open air, time in Sonoma County will sure change your life. The changes that camping has influenced in the lifestyles of those who take the challenge of being adventurous outdoors vary but have sure made them appreciate the value of doing activities in the company of relatives or loved ones in the middle of nowhere.

Choosing a campground for your camping activity in Sonoma County need not take so much of your time nor does it have to be very difficult. When picking out a camping site, we usually are taken with the beautiful pictures found on travel brochures, or those posted on websites without checking them personally. When you want to end up on a good campground that will be able to cater to what you need for a successful getaway, here are some tips to follow and you will surely find the best campground that you and your family will love.

So the next time you go on a camping trip alone, with your family, or with some friends, pick a campground that will be best suited to your needs. While it can be so easy to just pick out the campground in Sonoma County that is nearest to you, you might want to check and look around before making any final decisions. There are many campgrounds in Sonoma County so make sure to choose the best and most suitable one for you and your party. Choose one such as River bend Resort. We offer campgrounds that will make your camping trip better that all others you have had. Check out these links and find out more how your Sonoma County camping will be.


River Bend Camping RV and Camping in Sonoma County can definitely be your place of choice when it comes to outdoor activities no matter what personality type you have. We are blessed to be in a location of such beauty and serenity in the midst of nature yet near civilization. Our facilities are simple and practical, giving you the necessary comfort that you require but allowing you to enjoy and experience the fundamentals of living in a basic way if you prefer the good old way of camping. RV owners on the other hand can stay in the comfort of their Recreational Vehicles but still take pleasure in the greenery that surrounds them. Once in awhile, staying in a place like River Bend resort can be an escape for many and you can say that life can never be better than this.