Enjoy Various Activities near our Location while Camping in Sonoma County

One factor that people consider when they choose camping sites in Sonoma County is the level of comfort one can have in the place. The other crucial things to consider when selecting a campsite are location, water, sun and wind. It is then best to make a detailed examination and careful observation of the prospective campsite before settling in to avoid both minor and major catastrophes. A lot of people prefer places that are located near a body of water since this allows them to have a plethora of activities such as fishing, boating, fishing and other water activities that can be really fun. In an established campsite such as River Bend Resort, you can have a lot of fun with the various activities available for your pleasure.

Camping is an enjoyable and different outdoor experience for people of different ages and walks of life. This type of activity can teach the participants important values that are not normally learned under ordinary circumstances in the city or at home. Since you are taken out of your comfort zone, you will learn to adjust to the various factors in order for you to make things better and brighter which influences your willingness or determination to survive in the middle of an area you are not that familiar with. If you are an adult, you will be able to find out specific skills that you might have been doubting all along, and if with children, you can certainly be able to teach the kids a thing or two from what you know or from what you have discovered.

Whether for family fun or intimate activities, Sonoma County is the best place to spend your weekends or holidays. You will fall in love with the beauty that the green surroundings have to offer even if you do not consider yourself an outdoor person. River Bend Resort has the facilities and atmosphere to make your camping experience a memorable one.

River Bend Resort is located directly in the heart of the famous Russian River Valley, adjacent to world-class vineyards and the gentle Russian River. The park's central location allows campers to visit the large redwood trees at Armstrong Woods State Park just down the road to the manicured vineyards along Westside Road. Guerneville is just three miles west of the park and boasts several night clubs and restaurants while the tiny town of Occidental has some of the best Italian restaurants in the North Bay. The Northwood's 9-hole golf course is set amongst old-growth redwood trees and is a great course for those who want to escape the sun and enjoy what locals call "the good life."

For those who are fond of hiking, there is a very good hiking trail in the nearby Armstrong Woods State Park. Many campers also choose to visit Bodega Bay and the various beaches on the Pacific Coast. There are also good hiking trails at nearby Steelehead Beach and Sunset Beach regional parks.

It is not a wonder that individuals or families who have visited the River Bend Resort for camping and outdoor activities come back for more fun and excitement. There are just a variety of things to do and take pleasure in Sonoma County and we are glad to share the excellent attractions that we have here. A natural area dotted with practical facilities is something worth sharing to the world and what better way to benefit from the outdoor activities than to come and visit River Bend RV and Camping in Sonoma County, California.

The activities made available for Sonoma County visitors vary in order to cater to the different interests of vacationers. For wine connoisseurs, you can enjoy the Russian River Wine Road or the Drive it Yourself Wine Tour. Individuals who love music can relish in the entertaining sounds of the Russian River Music Festivals and sporty people can play golf or join the Vineman Iron man Triathlon. River Bend Resort in the Russian River Valley is not only for those who love the great outdoors but for all.

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For many campers, just being among greenery and being able to watch the sunrise and sunset without the view being distorted by smog. Just smelling the fresh and cool country air freshens up a tired mind and body. Seeing the countryside is a refreshing change from all the confines of living in the city. River Bend Resort offers a chance to experience great camping right in Sonoma County especially with the many facilities that allow you to have a superb time with all the activities. Give us a call now!