River Access

River Bend Resort is situated along the famous Russian River. Our access point is centrally located and has stairs leading to the river. During the latter part of the summer, the River level is low enough for guests to walk across the river to a large sand bar and soak up the warm summer rays! Please stay on the trail and don't climb on the rocks lining the river. These rocks are slippery and hazardous.

Approximately ½ mile east of us is the popular Sunset Beach county park. A short drive will get you to the park. Sunset Beach has a fantastic sandy beach, and has some shaded picnic tables along the access path. This is a great beach to relax and play in the water.

Approximately 1 mile east is Steelhead beach. This park is a good access point for private canoes, kayaks and rafts. It's also one of the best fishing areas in the lower Russian River.